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Rhino Range Bag

Rhino Range Bag
Stock #: 15-0054    

This coyote colored Voodoo Tactical Rhino Range Bag is incredibly rugged for most environments, and with enough extra padding to keep all of your gear safe. The center bag can accommodate most ammunition types, and is removable. The removable center bag has 2 Velcro divider slats that can adjust to whatever sizes you need. There is also a zip string clipped dump pouch that can be attached to one of the 2 D rings on top of the Rhino bag. The 2 D rings also allow for an adjustable padded shoulder strap for easier carrying. In the bottom of the bag, there are 2 padded side flaps for extra storage. The front and back also have reinforced handles for easily moving a full heavy Rhino bag, and under each handle is another zipper pouch for smaller storage. On either side is a padded side storage area with lockable zippers.

AR15 Gear Rhino Range Bag

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